things - JULY2001
geodesic dome covered in asphalt shingles
folded fabric with Kaolin (?) by Piero Manzoni
ink washes on mylar w/ pale, pale pencil
paper behind trace
Louis Sullivan's metal screens
Barnett Newman's "Untitled #3"
Edward Weston "Study in Dynamic Symmetry"
(photo with subjects positioned outside and inside house, behind screens in windows, standing on sills)
Martin Puryear
The Thorne Miniature Rooms


bOOks to find:

Gibson, James. J.: The Ecological Approach to Visual Perception. 1979.
Bill Jay: Ockam's Razor (sp? publ?) (photography + criticism?)
S. I. Hayakawa: Language in Thought and Action
James Carse: Finite and Infinite Games


JUNE 2001:1
dictionary - made visible
polaroid dress
wood manifolds
sequin landscapes
lecture/demo chapbook

sliding cube form
mylar drawings

charged voids:
model train display
dollhouse diorama
altered last supper painting
photo: "nothing happended here" historical marker
empty fish tank
santa suit on coat rack


from past alamut
"* Note: Think of an understanding of game mechanisms as a quick path to understanding and designing experiences."
DISAPPOINT n. 1. To fail to satisfy the hope, desire or expectation of. 2. To frustrate or thwart. [ME disappointen, to remove from office: IFr. desapointier : des (reversal: Lat. dis-) + apointer, to appoint.]
APPOINTMENT n. 1. The act of appointing or designating for an office or position....
APPOINT tr.v. To select or designate to fill an office or position. 2. To fix or set by authority or by mutual agreement. 3. To furnish, equip. [ME appointen, to decide: O.Fr. appointier, to arrange: a' point, to the point : a', to (Lat. ad) + point, point: Lat. punctum: pungere, to prick.

((((prompted by my needing to contact Racquel Elizondo to fulfill my appointment for teaching this fall...


things - MAY2001:
projected spaces - Helen Maurer
modular systems
photos as sculptural material (Rebekah Modrak)
block printing + wire diagrams
fishtank as charged void
flicker film festival

Hilary Brougher
"The Sticky Fingers of Time" 1998?
"Hilary Brougher's conceit is that time has five fingers. In addition to past, present and future, there is also "that which might have been and that which yet could be." These two realms, which literary theorists term the subjunctive, are where desire and imagination meet."

Line Describing a Cone by Anthony McCall
1973 unpredictable length
Film as performance
"... the image is three dimensional, contained in the light-beam from the projector itself. A point of light from the black film, when viewed from beside the projector beam, is seen as a line, in space, running outwards from the projector lens. During thirty minutes the point on the film surface extends to become the circumference of a circle, so that the line from the projector consequently describes the surface of a cone--a time sculpture using 'solid' light."
(.... a perfect thing... Kudos to Austin Cinemaker Coop and
Rude Mechanicals for bringing this to Austin)
NY Times article on "digitizing" Line Describing a Cone

Cari Carmean - bedhead as a scientific property (upward gravity)
the pogo stick (more upward gravity... states of suspension)
sequin landscapes

and some more things - DEC2000:
sleeved fabric on two parallel vertical poles that could be slid down and softly gathered. the hand causing a v-shape in the center of the fabric. the folds variable in density and light.

video projection on ceiling: boy and girl attempting to stay a-hovering?
(yet more upward gravity)
damien hearst dot paintings and colored pom-pon's of man's hat

quilted windows
grass and mirrors in an elevator
orange balloons yearning to get in and blue balloons peering out
graphite lines on mylar. graphite dates on mylar.
browny-bronzy metal frames w/ black/charcoal photographs
a cardboard man with folded cardboard skin

half+half paint chip cards
fluttery half-light of fluorescent tube engaging
green/white/yellow soothing panels of pure light
repetition and assymetry in "A Scene at the Sea" (by Takeshi Kitano)
railroad caboose and train with desert sunset glow
rabbits whispering

old men and their women dancing

SIMPLE FRUIT n. A fruit, such as a pea pod, grape, or almond, that develops from a single pistil.........
BOOLEAN adj. Of or pertaining to an algebraic combinatorial system treating variables, such as propositions and computer logic elements, through the operators AND, OR, NOT, IF, THEN, and EXCEPT. [After George Boole]
BLUE STOCKING n. A pedantic or scholarly woman. [After the Blue Stocking Society, a nickname for a predominantly female literary club of 18th century London]

Kahlil Gibran
"Half of what I say is meaningless; but I say it so that the other half may reach you."

..........................may words spill ((((spawn))))))) easier here,..... as they do in the early morning (rain), as in the mid-of-night.